American Football Rules: Length of the Game, Defense, Office, & Special Teams


American Football Rules: Length of the Game, Defense, Office, & Special Teams

Not everyone was raised in a household that paid attention to American Football. If you have suddenly taken an interest in it and would like to learn some of the basic rules and terms, this article is a good place to start.

How much time does a Football game take?

On average a football game takes approximately three hours. The time clock stops during time-outs, penalties, injuries, between most plays, after a touchdown, and while the teams are swapping end zones. Depending on how many timeouts, penalties, and injuries, and whether or not the games goes into overtime, it can last much longer than three hours.

When does each lineup play?

There are two main lineups that play on each team:

First is the offensive lineup, which consists of the quarterback, center, wide receivers, a running back, tight ends, possibly a full back, and the linemen. It will be some variation of these players, but there can only be eleven on the field during each play. The offense plays when its team has possession of the ball. The goal of the offense is to drive the ball down the field and score points by getting the ball to the end zone (a touchdown) or kicking the ball through the upright poles (a field goal).

Second is the defensive lineup, which consists of safeties, cornerbacks, defensive linemen and linebackers. Just like the offensive lineup, there will be variation, depending on how the defensive coordinator has chosen to react to the offense of the team they are playing.

Finally is the special teams lineup. This team plays during kick off, punting, and during field goal attempts. The teams will vary slightly depending on whether punting, kicking, blocking, or receiving, but it will always consist of eleven players.


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