2010 NFL Free Agents: Best Quarterbacks



For those NFL teams that are unwilling to develop a quarterback through the NFL Draft the free agency market is the next place to look. NFL teams want to find that next quarterback free agent that can help them get to the next level. Here is a look at the best 2010 NFL Quarterback Free Agents.

Top 5 2010 NFL Quarterback Free Agents

#1 2010 NFL Quarterback Free Agent- Jason Campbell QB Washington Redskins

The Washington Redskins could draft a quarterback in the 2010 NFL Draft and let Jason Campbell walk in 2010. Jason Campbell has proven to be an effective NFL quarterback on occasion but has been too inconsistent for Washington to sign him again. Expect some team in  need of a quarterback to bring in Campbell to compete for a starting job in 2010.

#2 2010 NFL Quarterback Free Agent- Kyle Orton QB Denver Broncos

Kyle Orton might not fill up a stat sheet like some of the other quarterbacks in the NFL do but he does manage to win. Orton led both the Chicago Bears and Denver Broncos to winning records and should be able to snatch up a starting job in 2010. Expect the Denver Broncos to try to resign Orton during the off-season.

#3 2010 NFL Quarterback Free Agent-  Tarvaris Jackson QB Minnesota Vikings

Tarvaris Jackson was starting to develop into an NFL caliber quarterback and a year behind Brett Favre should make him take another step forward. Jackson has real potential and Minnesota might try to lock them up since Favre could retire again at any moment.

#4 2010 NFL Quarterback Free Agent- Chad Pennington QB Miami Dolphins

Chad Pennington will be 34 years old heading into Free Agency in 2010. His best years have past him by but some NFL team could give him one more shot at a starting job.

#5 2010 NFL Quarterback Free Agent- Kellen Clemens QB New York Jets

New York will likely let Clemens walk as he has failed to impress anyone with his Quarterback play at the NFL level. The Jets now have there future with Garcia at quarterback. Kellen Clemens will likely be signed as a backup by another NFL team in 2010.

Other 2010 Quarterback Free Agents

Kyle Boller
Brodie Croyle
Charlie Batch
Daunte Culpepper
Chris Redman
Rex Grossman

The 2010 NFL quarterback free agents list is not the best. Jason Campbell and Kyle Orton are clearly the head of the class. Will Washington resign Campbell? Will Denver resign Orton? Those questions and many more will be answered during the off-season.

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