2010 NFL Free Agents: Best Running Backs (RB)



There are several running backs that could be available through free agency in the NFL in 2010. Here is a look at the best 2010 NFL Running Back Free Agents.

Top 5 2010 NFL Running Backs Free Agents

#1 2010 NFL Running Back Free Agent- Ronnie Brown RB Miami Dolphins 

Restricted Free Agent

Ronnie Brown is only a restricted free agent in 2010 and the Dolphins will likely keep him. Brown has proven to be a top running back in the NFL if healthy. The 2009 season brought another season-ending injury and teams will likely question if he can stay healthy in the future.

#2 2010 NFL Running Back Free Agent- Darren Sproles RB San Diego Chargers

Darren Sproles is an unrestricted free agent heading into the 2010 NFL season and many teams will be looking for his service. Sproles will likely be looking for a chance to start and some team will give him a shot. He is a great change of pace running back and has the explosiveness to take any play to the house.

#3 2010 NFL Running Back Free Agent- Chester Taylor RB Minnesota Vikings

Taylor was just coming into his own as a starting NFL running back when the Vikings drafted Adrian Peterson. Look for Taylor to want a chance to start with whatever team he signs with. Some NFL team will get a good player with the signing of Chester Taylor.

#4 2010 NFL Running Back Free Agent- Lendale White RB Tennessee

With the emergence of Chris Johnson, the Titans will likely lose Lendale White to free agency in 2010. Lendale While is a bruising running back and could be a good fit for a team looking for a starting running back by committee situation. Look for White to get in shape in the off-season to try to earn a good contract.

#5 2010 NFL Running Back Free Agent- Cadillac Williams RB Tampa Bay

Cadillac Williams has reclaimed his position as a starting running back in the NFL in 2010. Tampa Bay might make a push to try to keep him. Williams has had a comeback season after what looked to be a disappointing NFL career.

Other 2010 Running Back Free Agents

Pierre Thomas- RB New Orleans- Restricted Free Agent
Mike Bell RB New Orleans
Leon Washington RB New York Jets
Jerious Norwood RB Atlanta Falcons
Willie Parker RB Pittsburgh
Jerome Harrison RB Cleveland

The 2010 NFL running back free agents list has some solid potential. Ronnie Brown and Darren Sproles are the head of the class. Will Ronnie Brown stay in Miami? Will Darren Sproles get a starting job? This off-season will answer those questions and more.

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