Al Davis: Helpful or Hurtful to the Raiders

In 2002 The Oakland Raiders were the AFC champions and played the Super Bowl against the Tampa Bay Buccaneers.  Since then the Raiders have not made it back to the playoffs, let alone finished above .500.  My question is who to blame?  Who do you blame for the past 7 years of humiliation that the team has suffered.  

The problem starts and ends with one person.  Al Davis.  The owner of the team is the joke of the NFL.  He has so much input in what the team does, who they draft and even what the coaches can do.  They went through more coaches than any NFL team in those past 7 years.  Art Shell, Norv Turner, Lane Kiffen and now they are with Tom Cable.  Norv Turner, now the coach of the San Diego Chargers another AFC West team, has proved that he is a good coach by his repeated success with the team.  It is obvious that it is not the coaches who are to blame, but how about the man behind the coach.  The man pulling the strings.  Al Davis wants to pretty much be the coach of the team, and it was evident with Lane Kiffen.  Kiffen made moves that Al Davis did not approve of and it ended up with him getting fired.  Now with Tom Cable as head coach, there is still nothing to be proud about if you are a Raider fan.

The draft picks can almost all be considered busts since 2003.  With the exception of Nnamdi Asomugha, none of the players have preformed up to expectations.  Robert Gallery, who was supposed to be a tremendous left tackle, was switched to guard after struggling throughout his career at tackle.  Michael Huff has been benched and struggles to get playing time in his career.  Jamarcus Russell has countless amounts of problems.  He is inaccurate, overweight and lazy.  This season he has thrown only 2 touchdown passes but has thrown 8 interceptions.  Last year's draft pick, Darren McFadden has struggled to stay healthy having multiple injuries that have caused him to sit out games.  Not only has McFadden been hurt, he was not the best choice of draft picks for the Oakland Raiders.  At the time the Raiders had 3 very good tailbacks on the roster, Rhodes, Fargas and Michael Bush.  The Raiders took the "flashy" player and it has not worked out well for them.  This brings me to this year's draft pick,  Darrius Heyward-Bey.  If it was not for the fact that he had a fast 40-time he might not of even been drafted in the first round.  In 7 games this season has had only 4 catches.  Compared to the number 10 pick, Michael Crabtree (who missed everything up until 2 weeks ago when he signed) had 5 catches in 1 game.  1 game!  Al Davis drafts those players who have speed, not those who are good football players.  

The only reason why Jamarcus Russell stills play is because of Al Davis.  To call yourself an Oakland Raider fan is an instant laugh from anybody who follows football.  Even those who don't can tell how bad the Raiders are.  I personally get harassed on a daily basis for being a Raiders fan and it is hard.  The question I have is to Al Davis.  When will you let the Coaches coach, and draft players that are TRUE football players, not these track stars?

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