Unbeatable NFL All Time Records

Although no record is truly unbeatable, there are some NFL all time records that are so far ahead of the curve, that they look like they'll be around for a while. Founded in the early 1920s, the NFL has records that have lasted for several decades and some that were set only recently.

NFL Records That Might Be Here To Stay

  • Most points in a single season - Paul Hornung, the Green Bay Packers' halfback and kicker, held this record for 45 years. It looked all but unbeatable until 2006, when LaDainian Tomlinson, running back for the San Diego Chargers, scored an incredible 31 touchdowns to notch a record-high 186 points in a single season. Even with a longer season, that is an impressive number that some teams struggle to reach.
  • Best single season record - The Miami Dolphins had held the perfect season record since 1972, but in 2007, the New England Patriots were able to match and exceed that number with a perfect 16-0 season record. In one of the great ironies in sports, the Patriots' perfect record was marred in post- season play when they lost in the Super Bowl to the underdog New York Giants.
  • Most seasons played - Incredibly, George Blanda played from 1949 to 1975, finishing his career with an eight-year stint with the Oakland Raiders. His 26 year record in the league seems secure. Given the advances in conditioning and equipment the NFL has seen, one can only imagine how long an ironman like Blanda would last in today's game.
  • Most 400 or more yard passing games in a season - Miami Dolphin quarterback Dan Marino was such a good player that he holds the number one (4 games in 1984) and number two (3 games in 1986) spots for this record!
  • Highest average rushing yards in a career - Randall Cunningham, a quarterback who spent most of his career with the Philadelphia Eagles, ended his career with a 6.36 yard per carry average. His average beats the great Jim Brown's career average by over a yard and is almost two yards better than the league average.
  • Most passing yards in a single game - Norm Van Brocklin, quarterback for the (then) Los Angles Rams, passed for 554 in a single game, a record that has been in place since 1951. Although Warren Moon (527 yards) and Boomer Esiason (522 yards) have come close, Van Brocklin's achievement has stood the test of time.
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