Top Five NFL Cornerbacks of 2009

People go around bragging about halfbacks and wide-outs (wide receivers) and quarterbacks, but what about cornerbacks? Don't they deserve recognition for making those big shot receivers look like fools a lot of the time? Think about some of the tough corners at this moment: Oakland's Asomugha, Denver's Ty Law, both exceptional corners among the league. These are the Top five NFL cornerbacks of 2009.

5. Antonio Cromartie  

He has three interceptions and 28 tackles on the season starting all 14 games so far. This isn't his best year but his stats aren't looking so well because teams don't throw his way due to his amazing coverage. His defending is quite something compared to some of the other corners in the league, D-backs in general for that matter.

4. Darrelle Revis

Sitting in at number 4 with 6 interceptions and 49 tackles is quite nice. You'd think he'd be up higher but since he has not so many tackles he isn't up in the top three yet. He has an interception in three of the past four games. The three year pro is quickly making himself a threat to quarterbacks and receivers themselves. With skill like this at a year so young, he is going to be a major threat.

3. Charles Woodson 

One of the scariest D-backs in the league 70 tackles 2 sacks, eight IN T's. How does he manage this? Who knows, but he is on fire; the 12 year pro isn't done as you can tell. With a total of 44 interceptions on the career, the season holds 8 of them, how much more can he dominate the air with his age? He is much more experienced than ranks 3 and 4 (Revis and Cromartie) because he has more years under his belt. Woodson was originally an Oakland Raider for his first 8 years of his career.

2. Jarus Byrd

He is a Buffalo Bill, but he is one good player, leading the league, with the interceptions (9) and he is injured. How remarkable, he was in the game last week against Kansas City. He has a nice amount of tackles for a corner, 11 pass deflections, and he is a rookie is what the surprising part is. How many rookies accomplish that? 

1. Nnamdi Asomugha

An Oakland Raider? Why one of them? Well, Nnamdi here doesn't have appreciative stats, 34 tackles and one interception. So why'd he get spot one and not one of the other 4 superstars? When it was week 10, he had the ball thrown his way only 11 times total. Darrelle Revis had it thrown his way 27 times putting him in second place for least times thrown to in the season. Asomugha still leads the league with least times thrown to. His impressive coverage seems like something Woodson did when he was a fresh young starter. Asomugha has 7 years under his belt, with a total 11 interceptions. His only INT this year was earned by a thrown ball from Carson Palmer (Cincinatti QB) into a crowd of both Oakland and CIN players. Asomugha caught the massively covered ball.

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