How to Play Badminton

Knowing how to play badminton is a useful skill to have. Badminton is popular at vacation resorts, colleges and in family rec rooms. If you know how to play badminton you already have an edge over the competition.

Badminton can be played either one-on-one or in doubles, as in tennis. The point of badminton is to score more points than your opponent. The first to reach twenty-one points and be leading by at least two points is the winner. The score may reach up to thirty before the two-point lead is no longer necessary (meaning a score of 30-29 would count as a win). A badminton match consists of three games. You can score points by hitting the shuttle (which is badminton's version of a ball) on your opponent's side of the badminton court before he can hit it back.

The shuttle is put into play with a serve. You may hit the shuttle with whatever force and aim you wish to try to keep her from returning the shuffle. However, you must serve from below the waist with the racket below your wrist. You also must serve from the right side of the court in doubles and the right side in singles when your score is even. If your score is odd you stand in the left side of the court while the receiver stands diagonally opposite you. The shuttle cannot bounce. If your opponent does manage to hit the shuttle back to you, this is called a rally. If you lose the rally your opponent will serve.

You may win a rally (and therefore points) if your opponent misses the shuttle and it hits the table, hits the shuttle off of the table altogether, hits it twice or doesn't hit it over the short line.

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