Favorite Golf Gift Ideas

Golf gift ideas are easy to come by, but their very variety can be baffling. Here's some help if you're looking for a gift for the golfer in your life.

  • A set of custom golf clubs - These are perfect for any golfer that is serious about golf. Custom golf clubs are great because they are specifically built to a player's body type, golfing ability, club speed and power. Definitely unique golf gift ideas.
  • GPS & Rangefinder - Give that golfer in your life the ability to get accurate lengths to the pin as well as course layouts and where the hazards are located.
  • Mini Putting green - Miniature putting greens are excellent golf gift ideas and look great in the office or in the backyard. Golfing warehouses and on-line sites sell different models. Depending on what you're looking to spend, there is something for that golfer in your life. They come as simple as a "Putting Mat" you can put anywhere. Or, the "Putting Boomerang", a small device that returns the ball after it is hit in the hole. There are also putting greens that are three feet by nine, or as big as 12' by 12' and have between three and five holes to putt to. There's also the Putting Arc which is a piece of high quality finished wood. When placed at your feet, it will guide your putter on the perfect plane every time.
  • Golf balls & Tees - All golfers appreciate these as golf gift ideas.
  • Portable Ball washer- A nifty little device to take anywhere on the course and it's also handy to have at home.
  • Unique Golf club covers - Get this fun item for you special golfer. They cover the clubs and they provide unique a sense of humor.
  • A nice golf shirt and slacks - Most sporting apparel is made from a material that is designed to absorb sweat and keep you cool at the same time. Clima-cool is a fast drying material that is very comfortable and doesn't weigh you down on the course.
  • Cigars - A nice stogy to celebrate a good game and bond with the boys.
  • Instructional Books/DVDs - There are a number of instructional books and dvd's on the market today. They are extremely helpful golf gifts and can always be revisited when the drive is off or when not sinking those easy putts.
  • Private Lessons from a golf pro - The golfer in your life could always use some lessons.
  • Gift Certificate for local driving range - A great way to practice what they learned from their golf lessons.
  • Comfortable Golf shoes - There's only one way to walk on a golf course, in comfort. Comfortable feet mean stronger and fresher legs. Your special golfer will be psyched.
  • Gag gifts and novelty items never get old. A great website to go to that sells these golf gift ideas is www.golfun.net. Make sure to check out the Potty Putter, a mini putting green and putter you can use on the toilet. Practice makes perfect.
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