Essential Golf Tips

Without the right golf tips, learning the game can be quite difficult. Improving your game can be equally difficult. Developing correct technique when learning golf is essential. It will make your golfing experience a whole lot smoother. You'll get better faster, and it will probably be the difference that keeps you from throwing your clubs into the pond. If you already play, maintaining good technique should be paramount. That's why lessons at any level are a good idea. Many tour players consult coaches now and then, and there's no reason why you shouldn't as well. In these tough economic times, fees can be negotiated and group lessons are a great way to keep the cost down while learning essential golf tips.

A Good Warm up Goes a Long Way
A good stretch before hitting the links can be the difference between a good drive and a great drive. Most golfers, whether Tiger Woods, Phil Mickelson or your ordinary everyday ham 'n egger, have experienced some type of back pain. Avoid it by doing simple lower back stretches. Better equipment, such as drivers with over-sized heads with larger sweet spots makes for a swing-for-the-fences mentality. The back can only take so much torque. In order to take a harder, more aggressive swing, a good warm up makes extremely good sense. Aside from back stretches, here are some other golf tips for smart stretches to do before teeing it up: side bends, trunk rotation, quadriceps stretch and hamstring stretches.

Practice Like the Pros
You may not have a monster drive like Vijay Singh or the putting prowess of Annika Sorenstam, but there's no reason you shouldn't copy their practice routines and preparation for the game. Practice with a purpose. If you're driving the ball a mile but you can't sink a putt if your life depended on it, then work on your putting. If you're playing a certain course and know that one of the holes requires a specific shot, practice that shot. Have a purpose and make your practice sessions count.

Be Nice
Golf is steeped in tradition, has many rules and has a code of etiquette. They should all be respected. A lot has already gone by the wayside. The most important of all golf tips is to be courteous and respectful to the other players on the course. Keeping up the pace helps and stepping aside when another foursome wants to play through should be obliged. Of course proper golf apparel is always good, and you should always play by the rules.

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