Perfect the Proper Golf Swing

The proper golf swing starts with a basic understanding of golf swing mechanics. You need to know the pre-swing aspects: the grip, proper posture and balance. And then there's the swing, which includes the body turn and wrist hinge. Finally, you must know your contact area, where you make contact with the ball. Understanding these elements and committing them to muscle memory will help you attain a better swing and will make golfing with your pals more fun. You might even become the envy of your foursome.

Make things simple. Cutting down on the several things you have to think about before, during and after your swing go a long way into improving and perfecting it. Switch to the 1 iron system, where all the irons are the same length and have the same club head lie angle. Instead of using or learning several different swings with a conventional set of irons, you only have to learn one.

Be Like Tiger
Learn the "one plane swing." Tiger Woods and Vijay Singh are probably best known for this technique. The more common "two pane swing" consists of two movements that are different. A player needs to co-ordinate them in order to be successful. They entail the upright movement of the hands and arms along with the flat rotation of the body. The "one plane swing" focuses on the arms being on the same plane as the body, matching the arm with shoulder movement.

Become a Master
Mastering the three aspects of the swing, which include the backswing, downswing and follow through will help perfect a golf swing. How you practice this is key. When practicing these aspects, check in with each one and notice how your body feels during each stage. Start off slow and gradually your body will become more familiar with the movements. Eventually, speed up the swing still checking in and making sure all aspects are correct.

Stay in Shape
Understanding bio mechanics helps with this aspect. Understanding all aspects of your swing help in knowing what parts of your body should be strong and what will ultimately help in keeping your swing at it's best. When breaking down the swing, notice the hips, they need to be flexible. Hip strengthening exercises and stretching are good to do. Your shoulders should be strong as well as the wrists. Also, golf bands, which are rubber bands that strengthen the upper body and also simulate the resistance a golfer experiences during the backswing are also helpful.

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