Tips for Planning Cheap Golf Vacations

If you're looking to plan cheap golf vacations, you'll want to start planning way in advance and do your research. While many golf vacations can be extremely expensive, a cheap golf vacation can be yours if you plan right and you work the system a bit. Try following these tips for planning the cheapest golf vacation that will give you the best bang for your buck.

Book Way in Advance
One of the key factors in booking a cheap golf vacation is to plan in advance. If you try to book a last-minute golf vacation, you are sure to pay top dollar. Plus many of the courses get booked up in advance, so you want to make sure you are really going to get to play golf on your vacation instead of traveling to your destination only to find out the courses are booked for the times you wanted to play.

Calculate Out How Good of a Deal You can Piece Together
If you're planning on traveling on a budget, you're probably not looking at all-inclusive golf resorts, but rather at traveling to a destination and playing at a bunch of different courses. Look into booking at several courses ahead of time and find out if there are any early bird deals or combination deals. Sometimes golf courses will have deals set up with local hotels or with other courses, so that you can get deals if you play at all three local courses or stay at a certain hotel.

Do Your Homework
You'll have to invest your time if you want to save money and get an idea on what kind of deals are available where. Look for online discounts such as coupons and packages. Compare the total package, adding up the cost of airfare, accommodations and golfing expenses. Factor in if you'll need to rent clubs or can bring yours along, if you're willing to share a room with a companion, etc. Try using a travel agent to see if he or she can get you a better deal than you can find on your own.

Look for Cheap Travel Deals
You'll want to look at golf vacations in cities where travel is inexpensive. For example, if you'd like to travel and golf inexpensively, consider looking into Las Vegas golf vacations instead of an expensive Irish golf vacation. Flights into Las Vegas are usually quite reasonable, and accommodations can be dirt-cheap since the hotels want to lure you in to gamble in their casinos. These low travel costs can offset expensive golfing costs.  

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