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Ping pong can be a fun recreational activity for the whole family, so why limit that fun to vacation? Building a ping pong table at home isn't difficult. Here are the ping pong table dimensions so that you can build your own ping pong table in your basement.

An official ping pong table is nine feet long and five feet wide. It should be two and a half feet off the ground. The ping pong table top should be level and smooth. In regulation play, the ping pong table top should allow a ping pong ball to bounce 8 ¾ inches when dropped from one foot above the ping pong table.

A net should be placed in the center of the ping pong table. In official play the net should be six inches high. Another line should divide the ping pong table in half lengthwise so that you can play doubles ping pong on the table.

If you're planning on playing ping pong solely for fun, feel free to modify these ping pong table dimensions. It's a good idea to keep the length and width proportionate however, for a more accurate game. Keep in mind when deciding the size of your ping pong table to take into account some room for playing. Not only will you need to allow for space so that you can move, you'll also want extra room for a backswing-otherwise you may end up smashing your hand into the wall. If you'll be playing a lot of doubles ping pong, you should allow for even more space.

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