Do it Yourself Hockey Stick Repair

Is hockey stick repair a necessary evil? Athletic equipment is designed to take a licking and keep on working. But in a rough sport like hockey, a hockey stick occasionally breaks. The cost to replace equipment could spiral into the high dollar range. Blade breaks should be fixed by a professional or replaced. Wooden handles can be salvaged.

Necessary Supplies
Before beginning the repair, make sure you all necessary supplies. Epoxy resin or wood glue, toothpicks or cotton swabs, a vise clamp, and hockey stick tape are needed. Some sporting good stores sell a hockey stick repair kit, which includes the epoxy and an applicator.

Perform the Repair
Dip a toothpick or cotton swab in the epoxy resin or wood glue. Separate the crack just enough so the toothpick or swab fits in the crack. Apply a layer of epoxy to both sides of the crack.  Press the sides together and hold for a few minutes. Place the vise over the cracked area and tighten. Once the epoxy dries, remove the vice. You may need to smooth the epoxy with a high grit sand paper. Wrap the stick in a single layer of stick tape. It's important not to skip this step. If the stick isn't taped and if it breaks during play, splinters or a sharp end could cause extreme damage.

The same DIY repair can be used to smooth chips in the stick.

Before using the stick in a game, practice to make sure the stick holds together.

Prepare Before Play
Why not apply a shaft guard to a hockey stick prior to its first use? The clear wrap is easy to apply and protects the stick or shaft against cuts that can lead to breakage.

Home hockey stick repair isn't a complicated process. Make sure all materials are available and test the stick prior to using it in a game situation.

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