How to Play Street Hockey

Learning how to play street hockey is easy. This versatile indoor/outdoor game can be played on any surface. Gather friends and family and prepare for an ultimate battle of street hockey. On with the rules!


To play a regulation game, six players comprise each team. Smaller teams can be formed, however, and the game adjusted to accommodate the number of people available for play. If playing with a full team, positions include center, right and left wing (forwards), two defenders, and a goalie.

The center's responsibility is to head the line when attacking the goal. Wings receive or send passes. The defenders guard their respective areas and help keep the ball out of the goal area. The goalie remains in the crease and stops the other team from scoring.

How to Play Street Hockey and Game Equipment Needs
Players use street hockey sticks made of a wood shaft and a plastic head. A puck or a ball that doesn't bounce can be used.

Players should wear padding and protective gear. Elbow, knee, and shin pads, street hockey helmet, protective cup or girdle and a mouth guard prevent unnecessary injuries. The goalie must wear a helmet with a face mask. He also is required to wear chest padding, a blocker, catch glove, protective cup or girdle, and shin pads.

Game Time
The street hockey game begins like all other hockey games: a face-off. Street hockey uses three types of face-offs:

  • Opening face-off. Both centers face one another. Sticks are a foot apart, and once the referee drops the puck, the game begins.
  • Stick-to-stick face-off. Both centers face each other with their hockey sticks on the ground. The puck is placed between the two players. Players hit the ground and then the opponent's stick three times before hitting the puck.
  • In-bounding face-off. The last team to touch the puck before it travels out-of-bounds loses possession of the puck. The defending team positions themselves a minimum of ten feet from the out-of-bounds spot. The inbounding team begins play and must make a pass before shooting a goal.

A street hockey game consists of three 15-minute time periods. Running time is observed during a stop in play. Between each period, a three to five minute break is observed. Line changes can be made every couple of minutes. Coaches or referees can call the line change between plays.

  • Teams are allowed two timeouts per game. Each time out lasts one minute. A time out can only be called when action has stopped.
  • Play stops immediately after a goal. Other times play stops is when a puck travels out-of-bounds or when a foul is whistled. Fouls or rules infractions include hitting the puck into the opponent's goal with your body instead of the stick or purposely falling on the puck to stop the action. This last rule does not apply to the goalie.

Once you've learned how to play street hockey, know that the games are high energy and can be fun for a small group of friends or a large group of people. Understanding the rules will guarantee everyone has fun playing the game.

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