Hockey Goalie Drills

Hockey goalie drills teach goalies how to do one thing: keep the puck out of the goal.

The Side-to-Side
It's important that a goalie be quick. This drill builds on quickness after a shot. Have two players shooting. These two will alternate shots while one is positioned at the top of the face-off circle and the other lower on the opposite circle angled diagonally. After they shoot from these positions, they switch positions. The goalie's job is to deflect both shots, moving side-to-side quickly.

Stuff It
This is a simple drill that strengthens a goalie's quickness. Forwards move out of a corner with the puck and can choose to move around the net or take the short side and try to stuff the puck for the goal.

Four Square
Position four players in a square around the goal. They pass the puck around until they believe the goalie is out of position and attempt a shot. This drill focuses on a goalie's footwork and positioning.

Crease Drill
The crease drill focuses on explosive movements that make a save against plays across the crease. Goalie cuts through the middle of the net to the middle of the top of the crease and sets to evaluate shooter options. Next, he t-pushes to the corner to the top of the crease on the opposite side he started from, sets feet, and evaluates options. Now, he moves back to the middle of the top of the crease and then he runs the same pattern on the side he started from. Finally, he shuffles back to the post, sets feet, and evaluates before completing a butterfly slide across the goal line. After recovering, run the drill from the opposite side.

Tracking and Glove Work
This drill works on a goaltender's tracking skills and reaction to a shot. The setup resembles the four square drill. The passer sends the puck to either of the shooters who are positioned near the top of the face-off circles. Shooter catches and shoots to score. Shots should be sent high since the drill focuses on glove work and getting the player comfortable in hockey gear.

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