Hockey Practice Drills for Beginners

Try these hockey practice drills to maximize time on the ice. Skating skills are the biggest asset a hockey player can possess. Even when young hockey players know how to skate, practicing drills that emphasize skating technique will sharpen their game. 

Power Push Off
Use this drill to teach players to have a strong start. The premise of the drill is to have one player drag another to the red line. Player 2 holds his teammates jersey. Player 1 strides to the red line and glides to a stop. Alternate and repeat.

Timed Skate Hockey Practice Drills
Divide the team into groups of three. One by one, a player skates from the blue line to the mid-red line to the other blue line, back to the red line, and returns to the original starting line. This drill needs to be run at full skating speed. When one player completes the route, the next skater begins. Continue the drill for four minutes.

Pivot Position
Beginning at one end of the rink, a player skates full speed to the blue line, pivots, and skates backward to the next blue line, pivots, and skates to the other red line. Then he skates behind the net, skates backward to the second blue line, pivots, and skates full speed to the original starting position. This drill builds endurance and tunes pivot positioning.

Circle Hockey Practice Drills
Ask players to line up single file. Each player skates and pushes a puck around the face-off circles.

Snow Cones
Divide players into two teams and place them in opposite corners of the rink. Set a cone on the blue line. A player from each team skates to the cone, performs a hard stop, pivots, and skates backward to the starting point. Continue until all players run the drill.
These hockey drills will fine tune a player's skating ability while building familiarity with the momentum of a hockey game.

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