How to be a Hockey Mom

Are you ready to be a hockey mom? Youth athletics teaches children a myriad of athletic skills and personal goals. But for parents, particularly mothers, juggling family responsibilities with athletic practices can lead to a hectic lifestyle. Can you learn to handle both? Let's find out how.

What is a Hockey Mom?
Call her supermom. Call her the carpool specialist. Call her the chief organizer. If you can multitask, you're on your way to handling the life of a hockey mom. The term is used in the U.S. and Canada and refers to a youth hockey player's mom who handles all aspects of getting her child to the rink on time, with all of his hockey gear, while balancing household duties.

Organize Events
Staying organized takes on a new meaning when your children need to be at practice, your spouse needs to be at a meeting, and you need to visit the doctor. Post a centralized calendar and record all events-family, school, and sports-on the calendar. Listing events as soon as a schedule comes in will prevent over scheduling or missed activities.

Some families use a coding system. One system utilizes one color for each family member. Other systems color code by event. Choose a method that works best for your household.

Prioritize Your Time
Establish daily priorities. Using a daily planner helps track appointments. You can also jot down a to do list for each day or week. Planning trips and events frees up time in the long run.

Plan Meals
Meal planning doesn't need to become a tedious process. Take a look at your central calendar and plan meals for a two-week period. On busy evenings, plan a nutritious meal that doesn't take a lot of prep time. Consider making larger batches and freezing half of the dish for another meal.

Balance Family and Housework
If your child wants to participate in youth sports, he should realize that he will also have responsibilities at home. This includes completing homework on time and assisting with household chores. Giving your child a household chore teaches responsibility. Plus, it makes your life a bit less hectic.

Do you have what it takes to balance hockey practices and games with home life? Organization and planning help everyone skating on an even keel instead of a chaotic pace.

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