Teaching the Skating Hockey Stop

The skating hockey stop is a necessity for all hockey players. Hockey players resemble quick change artists. They stop suddenly and switch directions. Start teaching the skill in slow motion so young hockey players have the chance to work through each movement. At least one hour of practice time a week is adequate for new hockey players.

Plow the Snow
One basic practice drill employs the use of the rail. This basic stop technique is known as the Snow Plow. Skaters should grip the rail and practice scraping the ice. Snow will show up on the blades. Begin with feet together and push horizontally using the flat section of the blades. Skaters will use pressure on the front of their feet to produce snow as blades push out.

Eventually, skaters need to move away from the railing. Slow motion may help younger skaters master the technique. Skaters should slide for a few feet and then stop. Bend knees for a smoother glide before stopping.

Drill, Drill, Drill
Skaters, especially beginners, need to practice the art of starting and stopping. A good practice drill includes the quick step. Skaters take a set number of quick steps and then start. Use of a hockey stick is optional.

Hockey coaches need to watch a skater's footwork to make sure a player doesn't use only one foot for starts and stops. Drills including one and two foot snowplow stops will hone a skater's stopping ability.

Hockey players need to reach and maintain a certain level of skating ability before progressing to a match. 

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