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Build a washer toss game for fun on the beach or in your backyard.
By LuAnn Schindler
Scuba diving can be a lifelong passion or a resort getaway sport. Visit a local dive store to find out about the certifications you'll need and don't stock up on gear right away. You can rent gear and build your personal collection over time.
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Try this NFL trivia challenge with your football-loving friends.
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Learn about the secret world of beautiful hummingbirds.
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In every kind of swing dancing, basic steps are used for turns and transitions, but there are different moves for men and women. Learn these basic moves and how to perform them.
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A soccer game will last a little bit longer than you expect it to.
By LuAnn Schindler
The official racquetball rules govern tournament play and might differ somewhat from the way you're used to playing on the weekend.
By Maeve Rich
Camping is such a great getaway from the usual routine of life at home. Don't ruin your fun by worrying about how much the trip is costing you. Here are some cheap camping ideas so you can save money when camping..
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Gymnastic moves are deceptively simple. Learn the basics.
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NHL rules can be confusing even for people who have been following the game for years. 
By Jackson Tremont
Learning how to shoot trap can help you find a good use for your spare shotgun.
By Tony Moschetto
Pine tar has been used throughout baseball history, most notably in what is now known as the pine tar game.
By Rose Clearfield
No two baseball fields are alike. It's a fundamental part of the game. But some baseball fields are so weird that they deserve special comment.
By Jackson Tremont
The Top 100 coast to coast campgrounds for families were selected based on criteria requested by family campers, including park amenities, beautiful outdoor scenery and educational facilities. 
When you know how to build corn hole boards, you will have the power to set up a corn hole game anywhere you go.
By LuAnn Schindler
Where do hummingbirds live in the world? If they aren't in your backyard, they might be nearby.
By Maeve Rich
When traveling long distances, especially overseas, it is important to think about and take preventative measures to avoid jet lag symptoms before you've even left the ground. 
By Kelly Herdrich
We all think of starry summer nights and warm hazy summer days when we plan our camping trips. But if you only travel in the summer, you are missing out on some wonderful adventures in camping outdoors.
By Janet Glaser
Are you interested in making a disco ball for a dance party? Here's how to do it!
By Maeve Rich
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