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When traveling long distances, especially overseas, it is important to think about and take preventative measures to avoid jet lag symptoms before you've even left the ground. 
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U.S. Olympic trials for gymnasts determine which premier American athletes the United States sends to compete against the world in three areas of gymnastic competition.
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The bane of most right handed bowlers; my guide will help you get on the way to raising your average!
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Vermont vacations are a great way to keep everyone in the family happy.
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Nobody knows for certain who invented ice hockey, but the sport does have an official history.
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Learn about the distribution and hunting habits of these aquatic birds, and find out why their black and white color combination is key to their survival.
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Conflicting stories of the history of tap dancing make the art form all the more alluring.
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Time to pack the a cowboy coffee pot for your next camping trip. Don't forget to include fireside coffee to warm you with its creamy cocoa and coffee blend. 
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How does a birdwatcher know which bird books to select for the shelves? What are the best books and where are they found?
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Kids' activities while camping make a dull trip into an adventure.
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All football stadiums are the same, right? Here is the story of the blue football surface at Boise State.
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Wondering which wood were baseball bats made from? Some are popular for their reliability and durability, while others are preferred for their lightness and "swingability."
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Learn about the history of the franchise, the park they play in and their historic 2012 postseason appearance.
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How do birds fly? It's not rocket science. Not by a longshot.
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A soccer referee can help ensure that your youth soccer match runs smoothly and remains fair for everybody.
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The right hummingbird food recipe will bring flocks of the birds to your doorstep.
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Travel by train has so many benefits. First of all, train travel is an excellent option for those who either can not, or do not want to fly.
By Diane Quinn
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