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When it comes to high school baseball rules, the fundamental rules are very similar to those of Babe Ruth and the Big Leagues. However, there are a few that vary, based on the state.
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Here are the facts about the longest tennis match ever.
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One of the reasons soccer is so popular worldwide is that the ball can be easily improvised. Anything that can roll -- from a grapefruit to a stuffed sock -- can be used as...click here for more.
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Here are some basic Brazilian jiu jitsu moves that you should learn before advancing further.
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A ski guide to safety should be required reading for anybody who wants to hit the slopes.
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Learning how to catch carp is the easy part. The real challenge is getting out on the lake and reeling them in.
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Find out what type of habitats penguins call home and learn the reasons why this unique type of bird walks with a waddle rather than a graceful gait.
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It's hard to know what to pack for vacation. Here's how to pare down.
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Learn what compels birds to fly thousands of miles every year and how they do it without getting lost.
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These ballroom dancing beginners steps will show you the basics of each style and get you moving around the floor. Once you learn a few steps in each style, you can start dancing with your partner in a coordinated way.
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Learn how to hit a baseball with these batting tips about hand placement and stance.
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Like it or not, you'll have to use that tennis backhand eventually. Until you can serve a ball to the point of invisibility, or convince your opponent to allow the use of two racquets, it's a must for any respectable tennis player.
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When you see knock off golf clubs, the lure of the price may be hard to resist. You may even think you're looking at the real thing.
By Jon Rineman
Learning how to build a bird house is easy, but the results are comparatively significant.
By Gene Rodriguez, III
Choosing skateboard wheels requires more consideration than simply choosing a design that you like (although that can be important too). 
By Maeve Rich
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