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An outdoor solar bird bath is a great way to not only dress up any yard but also to attract birds to your home.
By Lisa Bower
Learn about the damage cruise ships are doing to the Earth's aquatic biome.
By Chelsea Hoffman
Learning how to sail is the birthright of anybody born near the coast. Claim yours.
By Maeve Rich
Living on a sail boat is an increasingly attractive option to thousands of people who have been ruined by the collapsing world economy.
By Maeve Rich
The south of the United States is home to unparalleled beauty and a wide variety of geographical features. Check out these great vacation spots for these state parks.
By Reserve America
College football team names come from a variety of different origins.
By Maeve Rich
Gathering motorcycle camping gear is an exercise in minimalism and prioritization. 
By Maeve Rich
Train schedules are difficult to read, so don't book your European train adventure before you learn how to do it.
By Rachel Mork
Beginning a running program is a great way to get healthy and improve your quality of life. Follow these running tips to set a reasonable goal to start out and vary the places where you run to stay motivated.
By Maeve Rich
Ironically, American football rules rarely involve using your feet.
By Gene Rodriguez, III
Bird facts sure to astonish you abound, even if you know a lot about birds.
By Laura Evans
The Southern United States has the greatest diversity of canoe and kayak fishing opportunities in North America. Check out the wide variety of wildlife habitats at these state parks for the best in canoe and kayak adventures.
By Reserve America
Although bird house designs are rather generic, the specifications for different species can vary greatly. Elements that differ include the size of the entry hole, the interior dimensions and the shape of the design.
By Gene Rodriguez, III
By Connie Earl Robertson
Good swimming drills are the surest way to increase your speed in the pool.
By LuAnn Schindler
Camping and hiking backpacks have a lot to do with your cormfort on the hiking trail. These crucial pieces of gear carry everything you need, and the design and weight can make or break your hiking experience. Beyond a light weight, you need a backpack that fits you properly and provides good support for your body.
Skateboard history is filled with stories of outcasts and rebels.
By Maeve Rich
There's a broad range of people who ride inline skates, from fitness enthusiasts to hockey players to kids and adults just looking for a fun way to get around. Many of these activities use specialized skate designs, but there are some common features found on all skates that are good to know and understand when you're shopping, especially for kids inline skates.
Campground memberships can either be a blessing or a boondoggle. There are many factors about campgrounds to consider to make sure that you get a membership that benefits your camping lifestyle instead of just costing you money.
By Janet Glaser
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