Fitting Your Child for an Inline Skate

Children grow out of shoes so quickly that sizing kids' inline skates can be a difficult task. Parents are torn; should they choose an inline skate that fits now or select a pair which may allow for some growing room?

Although it may seem more sensible to save money by purchasing slightly larger inline skates, doing so can hurt your child. Inline skates that are too big can blister your child's feet. Large inline skates can also be a safety hazard because your child won't be able to control inline skates that are too big. If your child's inline skates do end up being too big, make sure they aren't more than one size larger than they should be. Thick socks may help to bridge the gap between foot and inline skate.

Alternatively, don't take a pair of hand-me-down inline skates that are too small. Sure, your child may be able to squeeze her foot inside, but the blisters that may result from wearing small inline skates won't make it worth the money saved. Inline skates that cause toe cramping or leave red marks on feet or legs are certainly too small.

Instead, choose a pair of inline skates that correspond to your child's current shoe size. Skates should be snug on the foot when strapped or tied up but not too tight. Your child's ankles should have adequate support, but his legs shouldn't chafe when moving against the inline skate.

You may also want to buy a pair of adjustable kids' inline skates. These will grow with your child and allow more time to pass before purchasing a new pair of inline skates. To make buying inline skates more economical, consider buying used inline skates. (You may need to get new wheels to go along with these.) Remember that comfortable inline skates will make the difference between your child having a good time when skating and coming home with blisters.

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