A Guide to Buying a Longboard

Whether you're an expert skater seeking the perfect board or a beginner testing the streets for the very first time, there are few better skateboards to choose from for racing, or downhill slalom purposes, than a longboard. Frequently coined a "surfboard on wheels," the longboard is loosely based on its surfing counterpart and serves as the perfect board for skaters of any style and skill level. To show off your skill-set to the fullest extent, it's important to understand a few key elements of what makes a longboard such an excellent choice for skaters of all ages and abilities.

What is a longboard?

Ranging from 33 to 59 inches, a longboard is generally much longer than a standard skateboard and comes in a variety of shapes: flat-nose riders, drop decks and pintails. Designed specifically for downhill descents, longboards are perfect for the wide turns and short carves typical of surfboards and snowboards. While most skateboards are traditionally comprised of wood, many of the longboards used today are made of fiberglass, bamboo or a variety of other materials.

Should I buy a longboard?

If you're searching for a skateboard to help you accomplish an assortment of stunts, a longboard is likely not the choice for you. However, if you're more intrigued by a stable, steady ride and the relaxation that accompanies a downhill slalom, a longboard is the perfect piece to accommodate your particular style and technique. Because they mimic the movements made by surfboards, longboards have gained popularity in the past several years in beach communities throughout California and other neighboring states.

Perfect for lengthy rides that cover a lot of ground or relaxing trips characterized by fluid movements and wide turns, longboards are an excellent choice for beginning skateboarders of all ages, as well as landlocked surfers seeking a sport similar to surfing without ever leaving the streets.

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Whether you're cruising or trying to set a new downhill speed record, there?s a longboard skateboard built for your needs. Depending on the type of longboarding you do, you'll want to choose specific materials and features to keep things stable and safe.

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Longboarding is easier than riding a shortboard because ithe added length makes a longboard more stable. You can either cruise on a longboard or race downhill.

Longboard skateboard gloves will protect your hands from the pavement while you slide. While you could go to the store and buy a pair of longboard gloves, it's easier and more cost-effective to make them yourself.

The wheels of longboard skateboards determine how fast they travel and how smoothly they ride.

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