How to Maintain Skateboard Trucks

Keeping your skateboard in good condition isn't difficult and will help it to last longer and give you better performance. Learning how to maintain skateboard trucks is an important part of good skateboard preservation, especially if you have a cheap skateboard or cheap skateboard trucks. Trucks are made of metal and are T-shaped. There are different parts of a skateboard truck; the axle, hangar, kingpin, bushings and base plate. Trucks attach to the underside of the deck and act the like the axle of the skateboard. 

Always make sure that your trucks are securely fastened to your skateboard. Trucks can become loose from the vibrations a skateboard endures. Skateboarders' preferences vary on how tight the trucks should be, so check regularly to make sure that your trucks are at your desired level of tightness. To tighten trucks, turn the kingpin (the bolt holding the hangar in place) clockwise. You can loosen them by turning the kingpin to the left. The tighter your trucks are, the more difficult it will be to turn the skateboard.  On the opposite end, the looser they are the easier it will be to turn, making for a smoother ride when cruising.

To extend the life of your trucks, put shock pads (also known as risers) between the trucks and deck. This will keep your skateboard trucks from rubbing against your deck. Shock pads can also prevent your wheels from stopping suddenly while brushing against your skateboard, which is a problem while skateboarding. Some skateboarders prefer not to use shock pads because it can make the skateboard taller and therefore more difficult to maneuver during tricks.

Bushings, the rubber rings inside your trucks, allow the trucks to be tightened and loosened. Brushings can get worn down, and when they do it's important to replace them to preserve your skateboard's flexibility. 

Trucks need to be replaced from time to time as well. You'll know it's time to change your trucks when the kingpin is worn down or there are cracks in the center of your trucks. To remove your skateboard trucks, take off the nuts attaching them to the bottom of your deck. At the same time remove the screws on the top of your deck. You can use either a skateboard tool or a Phillips head screwdriver to do this. Replace the trucks and fasten the nuts and screws back on. Turn the bolts to your desired level of tightness. 

Following these steps can ensure a longer life for your skateboard trucks, which will save you money and help your performance.

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