Facts about Skateboarding and Longboarding

Longboarding and skateboarding are among teenagers' favorite activities. It started out as a rebel sport, but famous skateboarders such like Tony Hawk and Shaun White and the arrival of regulated skate parks and safety gear have made it a more mainstream. The facts about skateboarding can teach you a lot about how the sport developed.

Skateboarding and longboarding originated from surfing, when a group of surfers longed for something to do when there was no surf. By attaching roller skate wheels to a two-by-four, they developed the first "sidewalk surfboard." Carving was the favorite thing to do on these concrete surfboards, and it wasn't long before skateboarding took off as a sport.

Pools were a favorite place to skate for skateboarders in the 1970s. Groups of skateboarders, perhaps most famously the Z-boys, looked for emptied pools and skateboarded in them when the owners weren't home. As skateboarding has evolved, bowls resembling those pools are a major part of skate parks.

Skateboards and longboards are similar in board design and basic function. However, longboards are longer, wider, and shaped differently than standard skateboards. This allows them to keep momentum longer than a standard skateboard. Because of this, many people use longboards as a mode of transportation. Longboards are often compared to surfboards because carving on one feels a lot like riding a wave. Though skateboards can also be used to get around, most skateboarders use them for recreation, either performing tricks on the street or at a skate park. It is very difficult to do tricks on longboards because of their size.

The basic setup for skateboards and longboards consists of a deck (the piece of wood you stand on), wheels, bearings, and trucks. Skateboarders and Longboarders often experiment with their setup depending on their size and needs.

Skate parks are cropping up all over the U.S., with more than 300 existing today. Although skateboarding has not always been popular in some communities, many people are realizing the benefits of having a safe place for kids to play and get exercise. This is causing movements across the country to build more skate parks.

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Choosing a skateboard is a question of balancing flexibility, durability and control with the weight of the board itself. Street skaters should look for small, lightweight boards while cruisers will get more stability from larger, heavier boards.

Perhaps you've seen somebody riding an electric skateboard, cruising down the street without having to use precious energy to propel themselves. You may not even notice that it is electric, as they look quite similar to a standard skateboard, save the battery pack attached to the bottom of the deck. 

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Try getting creative with your grip tape. Skateboards are more than just a deck with trucks, bearings and wheels. They are an expression of each individual skateboarder, and there are endless designs to choose from. 

Learning how to make a motorized skateboard can save you some money, if you are in the motorized skateboard market.

It's easy to learn how to skateboard. The rest is just perfecting the tricks.

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