How to Make a Motorized Skateboard

If you've ever wondered how to make a motorized skateboard, you're probably familiar with all of the benefits of a longboard skateboard. Though skateboarding history doesn't include motorized skateboards, they're becoming more and more popular.

Electric skateboards are very similar to standard skateboards except for the fact that they have a battery pack attached to the bottom. Electric skateboards can travel at a speed of roughly ten to thirty miles an hour, but cost several hundreds of dollars. Because of that, it can be tempting to just build your own.


You have a couple of options when it comes to building your own motorized skateboard. The simplest is to buy a motorized skateboard kit from a local skate shop. With a motorized skateboard kit you will attach a pre-built engine to a skateboard by drilling holes into the deck and securing it with nuts and bolts.


Next, you'll need to put on new back wheels which have a pulley attached to them. Connect the belt to the engine and make sure that the belt is tight. Finally, attach the accelerator remote to your deck.


Your other option will really only work if you're handy with motors. You'll need a small motor that will be able to move a skateboard at a safe speed. A remote is essential to controlling your speed. The setup is similar to using a motorized skateboard kit, but it simplifies the process.


A motorized skateboard is fast and makes transportation easy, but it isn't necessarily safe. You should be an experienced skateboarder before you attempt to use a motorized skateboard. You should definitely use a helmet whenever you're riding a motorized skateboard, especially since you'll be traveling at a much faster speed than you would on a standard skateboard. Children should avoid motorized skateboards, but if you do decide to let yours ride a motorized skateboard, supervise them and make sure they wear a helmet.

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Choosing a skateboard is a question of balancing flexibility, durability and control with the weight of the board itself. Street skaters should look for small, lightweight boards while cruisers will get more stability from larger, heavier boards.

Perhaps you've seen somebody riding an electric skateboard, cruising down the street without having to use precious energy to propel themselves. You may not even notice that it is electric, as they look quite similar to a standard skateboard, save the battery pack attached to the bottom of the deck. 

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Try getting creative with your grip tape. Skateboards are more than just a deck with trucks, bearings and wheels. They are an expression of each individual skateboarder, and there are endless designs to choose from. 

It's easy to learn how to skateboard. The rest is just perfecting the tricks.

Do you know how to make a skateboard deck from scratch? It's not as hard as you've guessed.

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