How to Put Together a Skateboard

When you learn how to put together a skateboard, you'll gain a sense of accomplishment that you wouldn't get from just buying a pre-assembled skateboard at a skate shop.

Whether you're building a longboard skateboard or a standard skateboard, putting together your skateboard is done in roughly the same way. Try watching some skateboard videos to get a better feel for what you're doing as you put together your skateboard.

You should have all of your skateboard parts nearby before you begin, as well as the tools you'll need to put the skateboard together. Skateboard parts include the deck, grip tape, wheels, trucks, bearings and hardware (like bolts and spacers). Tools that you'll need include a screwdriver and a blade or box cutter (for cutting the grip tape).


It's easiest to put grip tape on the deck first, rather than assembling the skateboard and then putting on grip tape. Take your piece of grip tape and start peeling one end of it. Press it onto the nose (or front) of the skateboard and slowly peel off the rest of the grip tape as you adhere it to the deck. Work slowly so that you can make sure the grip tape is smooth. You want to avoid any air bubbles in the grip tape. If you do end up with any, use the blade or box cutter to cut a small hole where the bubble is. You can also try to push the air bubble toward the edge of the deck.


Next, you'll file the edges of the grip tape on the deck. You can use your screwdriver to do this; rub it along the edges of the deck until the outline of the deck on the grip tape is white. This will make it easier to cut the excess grip tape off of the deck. You can use your box cutter or blade to cut the extra grip tape off of the deck. Try to cut in one continuous motion rather than stopping and starting. This will help you avoid jagged edges.


Next, you'll want to assemble the wheels. To do this, take the nut and washer off of one end of a truck axle and put one bearing onto the axle. Then, put a wheel on top and, using the truck, press the bearing into the wheel. Do this for all four wheels. Finally, put a nut on the end of the truck and tighten it gently to avoid damaging your bearings.


Finally, you'll want to attach the trucks to the deck. Use a bolt to cut holes into the grip tape where the holes in the deck are. Once you've done this to all the holes in the deck, slide the bolts through the holes and attach the trucks to the skateboard. If you're using risers, put them on before the trucks.

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Try getting creative with your grip tape. Skateboards are more than just a deck with trucks, bearings and wheels. They are an expression of each individual skateboarder, and there are endless designs to choose from. 

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It's easy to learn how to skateboard. The rest is just perfecting the tricks.

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