Helpful Longboard Skateboarding Tips for Beginners

Here are some longboard skateboarding tips for beginners. Longboarding is a mode of transportation chosen by many people because of its freedom, cost-effectiveness and physical fitness appeal. Longboarding can also be seen as a lifestyle, with some skateboarders relying heavily on their longboard not only to get around but also as a recreational activity. Longboarding is much easier than standard skateboarding; still, it requires a certain amount of balance as well as a few other techniques. 

Always wear a skateboarding helmet, even if you think the chances of getting hurt are minimal. When you're moving quickly on a longboard, it can be difficult to stop. You are also at risk of being hit by cars, especially if you're using your longboard to get around. Since an accident could lead to head injury or death, it's best to be protected.

When choosing your longboard, make sure it can handle your weight. Choose a longboard whose size reflects what you plan on using it for. If you're going to be cruising, select a longer longboard. These are the best for getting around, though they don't turn easily. If you plan on doing a lot of quick turns or need to maneuver your board quickly, you should opt for a shorter board.

Wear flat-bottomed shoes. Skateboarding shoes are ideal because of the traction and protection they provide, but any flat-bottomed shoe will do. Avoid sandals, especially when you're learning how to ride, since it's easy to lose your balance.

The first thing you should do when learning how to ride a longboard is determine whether you're regular or goofy-footed. If you're regular, you'll ride with your left foot forward. Goofy-footers put their right foot forward. One easy way to figure out what you are is to stand at a line and fall forward. Whichever foot you put forward is most likely going to be the foot you put in back.

You'll also need to be able to stop quickly on a longboard. You can try breaking, which involves you dragging your back foot on the ground. Make sure you're wearing skateboarding sneakers before you attempt this, as you could hurt your foot in other shoes.

Once you have mastered the basic longboarding techniques, you'll want to become comfortable with some more advanced longboarding maneuvers. These include carving, pumping and sliding. Carving can help you control your speed if you're moving too quickly down a hill. It is also fun to do. To carve, all you have to do is lean your body in the direction you want your skateboard to go.

Pumping is a longboarding trick that can help you to increase momentum without having to push off the ground. To pump, shift your weight from your front foot to your back foot, swiveling your hips and turning your longboard as though you're carving.

Sliding can help you stop quickly if you're out of control on a hill or an obstacle suddenly appears. To execute a slide, crouch down and act as though you're going to grab the front side of your board. Then, lean back and place your hands on the pavement behind you. The direction in which you place your hands will determine which way you slide. Make sure you're wearing longboarding gloves before you slide.

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