Aikido Techniques for Defusing Conflict

Aikido techniques can be used for more than the physical aspect of conflict. Conflict is an everyday part of our lives, and practicing the basics of aikido can help to defuse conflict before it overtakes us. Verbal aikido is becoming popular in office settings as a means of preventing disagreements or other problems between coworkers and clients.

In Aikido, a technique called one-point allows our body to relax and focus. We are concentrating on the peace within us rather than external problems. Practicing this regularly can help when it comes to conflict.

The purpose of Aikido techniques is to defend yourself without causing your opponent injury. Consider this each time you feel yourself approaching a conflict with another person. Your goal should be to say what you feel needs to be said while listening to the other person. Mutual respect will help both parties to avoid feeling targeted.

It's easy to be hurtful when you're arguing with a loved one, particularly a spouse or partner. As anger rises, both sides can be tempted to launch the worse verbal abuse at each other. When in this situation, remind yourself again of peace and the importance of not injuring the other person. In standard Aikido this would mean physically, but you can apply this practice to emotional relationships by not hurting your loved one's feelings.

Pay attention to your body's physical response to being verbally attacked by another person. You may find that your breathing changes and your body tenses as it prepares to counterattack. Practice deep breathing to calm your body's reaction to conflict. This can help your mind to follow.

Practicing Aikido techniques as a form of conflict resolution can help them to realize the combative approach they take both in home and work life. Making peace and a sense of calm a priority can transcend the physical being of Aikido and make life in general a happier and more restful state of being.

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