Beginner Boxing Tips

If you are just starting, beginner boxing tips are imperative. Boxing is a competitive, physical sport that requires a great deal of practice, skill and toughness to participate in. If you've never boxed before or don't have a lot of experience with boxing, it may seem daunting to start a training program.

Joining a local boxing gym is a good idea. A boxing gym is a place where you can practice, use equipment and get professional advice. You may want to get a boxing coach or trainer to help you meet your goals. This experienced person can also answer any questions you may have as you learn more about boxing.

You'll need some basic equipment to get started. A notebook is the cheapest (but important) piece of equipment you'll need. The notebook can be sued to keep track of your workouts, weight and diet. A jump rope is the next cheapest piece of equipment, and is a very effective cardiovascular exercise tool. You should buy a head guard, mouth guard and boxing cup (slightly different from a regular cup) if you plan on boxing against other people.

Boxing gloves are also a necessity. Get some speed bag gloves, heavy bag gloves and sparring gloves. You may choose to try some of the gloves at your gym before you go out and purchase. Make sure you know how to properly wrap your hands to protect your hands and wrists. Boxing shoes are lighter and will give you more traction than regular running sneakers. You'll definitely need these if you plan on doing any competing.

If you decide to purchase some boxing equipment for your home, consider getting a heavy bag. A heavy bag is great to help you get comfortable punching while slowly increasing your speed. You can also just use the heavy bag at your boxing gym.

Being in good physical condition before you embark on a boxing training plan will make training much easier. Boxing is a demanding sport that requires a lot of endurance and strength. Make sure you're doing cardio and weight lifting (your whole body, not just your arms!) before you start boxing training.

If you want to be a competitive boxer, you'll need to keep an eye on your weight. Determine your weight class and then regularly weigh yourself. You can use any old bathroom scale (but make sure it's calibrated so that it's accurate).

Perhaps most importantly, you'll need to dedicate a lot of time. Learning how to box takes time, as does building up the fitness necessary to be a successful boxer. Commit yourself to a realistic training schedule, and stick to it.

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