Basic Karate Moves for Beginners

Karate moves seem very complicatedto the casual observer and it can be daunting to someone interested in learning. Learning basic karate can help a beginner become familiar with the sport as well as ease any apprehension about learning complex movements.

Basic Karate moves are known as "Kihon," which in Japanese means "basics." A good place to start when learning the fundamentals of Karate are the stances. Knowing these stances will enable the practitioner to learn more advanced techniques of Karate. There are four basic stances: the ready stance, the forward stance, the horse stance and the fighting stance.

To execute the ready stance, begin with your feet together. Move your right foot outward until your feet are shoulder-width apart. Knees should be slightly bent and shoulders squared. Keep your hands closed and out in front of you with your arms slightly bent. Eyes should be forward.

The forward stance begins from the position of the ready stance. There are two types of forward stance; a left forward stance and a right forward stance. To practice the right forward stance, move your right foot outward so that your feet are two shoulder-widths apart. Your left leg should be straight. Keeping your back straight, put your right hand, closed fist, below your eyes and parallel to your shoulder. Your left arm should be parallel to the ground, your left hand touching your right elbow.

To begin the horse stance, your feet should be shoulder-width apart. Put your hands on your waist, bend your knees and push your butt backwards.

The fighting stance is the only stance executed from your side. You may not be taught the fighting stance until you have acquired your first colored belt. To do it, keep your dominant leg back and your knees slightly bent. Your hands should be close to your body, just below your eyes, with one hand slightly below the other.

Once you have learned the basic stances, you will move on to other movements. These may include blocks, known as uke. Blocks can be used to injure an attacker when used properly. It is essential when using blocks for self-defense that you execute them quickly and powerfully.

Punches and kicks are a crucial part of Karate, and one of the more fun skills to learn. These can also be effective in warding off an attacker when used properly. When practicing your kicks, use a heavy bag. This will help you to develop a more powerful kick.

Once you have mastered each of these techniques individually, you can combine them. There are a number of combinations you can perform, depending on your situation and skill level.

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