Basic Taekwondo Kicks

Being able to perform basic taekwondo kicks is essential to progressing in the martial art. Here are some basic taekwondo kicks and what you need to know to be able to perform them:

Front Kick
The front kick is the most basic taekwondo kick and the basis for many other types of kicks. To do it, start in the guarding position, with your hands by your face, and raise your feet until you are on their balls. Now pick your knee up, making sure your knee is higher than your hip. Point your toes downward and kick your leg out quickly.

Back Kick
Start in the guarding position, your kicking leg back. Make sure you keep your hands by your face for protection. Spin away from your target, pivoting on your non-kicking foot. Bring your kicking leg up to your chest then kick out at your target, making contact with your heel. Return to the starting position.

Side Kick
This is the most powerful of the basic kicks. Start facing sideways, with your rear foot facing backwards. Pull your knee up to your chest, keeping your heel and knee parallel to the ground. Kick out, pausing for a moment at the point of extension, then return to your starting position.

Reverse Side Kick
The reverse side kick is one of the more difficult basic kicks to learn, but once you are familiar with the movements it's much easier to do. To begin, get in your guarding stance, keeping your hands near your face for protection. With your left foot step up (to the right) and spin. Bring your right leg up with your knee to your chest. When you're facing your opponent, kick out, making contact with your heel. Then return your leg to its starting position.

Roundhouse Kick
To do a roundhouse kick, stand on your non-kicking leg. Keep your kicking let up at a 90 degree angle. Your arms should be up in preparation of an attack. Turn, with your hips leading, toward your opponent. Your waist will lead your body. You will swing your leg at your opponent in a circular motion. Kick outward with your kicking leg, making contact with the top of your foot, then return to your defensive position.

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