Basic Wrestling Moves

Being familiar with basic wrestling moves can help a novice wrestler pick up the sport more quickly. If you're learning how to wrestle, practice these basic wrestling moves as often as necessary until you feel comfortable with them. Once you've mastered them, you'll be ready to move on to more complicated wrestling moves.

The stance is the starting point for wrestling. If a wrestler doesn't have a good stance, the rest of a wrestling match may not go as well as hoped. The proper wrestling stance involves having your feet wider than shoulder width apart. Don't keep them too wide, or else you may have difficulty moving quickly. Keep your knees bent and squat, keeping your back straight. Your elbows will just about touch your legs.

Next, learn is the ankle pick. To do this, grab your competitor's ankle with your hand; if you're grabbing his right ankle, use your left hand. Knock the wrestler over by moving the ankle you've grabbed.

You can do a basic wrestling move called a Granby by lying face down on a mat and pushing up onto your toes and elbows. Turn your body using your right leg for momentum and kick your left leg under your body. Grab your opponent's opposite wrist and pull it toward you. Roll onto your back. This should pull your competitor down.

Another basic wrestling move is the single-leg takedown. To do this, grab one of your opponent's legs and pull it toward you, lifting and turning to knock your opponent down. The double-leg takedown is the same except you would grab both of your opponent's legs rather than just one.

A wrestling move known as the fireman's carry is similar to the double-leg takedown. Rather than grabbing your opponent's legs, however, use one hand to grab an arm and use your other hand between his legs. Pick your competitor up over your shoulder and then put him on the mat, back-down. Rules state that this move must be done from the knees or you risk seriously injuring your opponent.

A headlock is something you've probably practiced as a child, not realizing it was a basic wrestling move. To do that maneuver now, wrap an arm around your competitor's neck and clasp your hands together. If this is an amateur wrestling match (such as high school), make sure that your opponent's arm is in the headlock as well. Otherwise you'll choke him.

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