Four Classic High School Wrestling Moves

You or your child embarking on a career as a high school wrestler, and searching for four classic high school wrestling moves to enhance the experience? You have come to the right place. While amateur wrestling takes years to truly master, and involves dozens of variations to the basics, here's a group of techniques to get you started.

Leg Takedowns
The single-leg version of this maneuver sees the aggressor grab one of his opponent's legs with both hands, trying to force him onto the mat. To execute the move, hold the leg by the ankle or the high crotch. Start by pulling the lower part of the leg in one direction, using the torso or shoulder to press the body or upper part of the leg of the opponent in the opposite direction. For the double-leg, force your opponent to the ground by grabbing your opponent with both arms around the legs, keeping your chest close to him. One option is to lift your opponent and slam him, while another is to push forward with your shoulder while pulling his legs.

Half Nelson
For the half, stand behind your opponent with one hand positioned under his/her arm. Then, lock the hand at his/her neck. Once this happens, the off-hand holds the opponent's other wrist in so that he cannot escape. You can also go three-quarter, in which you lock in the half nelson using one hand, and pass the other at the same side in front of the opponent. Lock the passing hand with the other hand around the neck at the wrist, or use a palm-to-palm or interlacing fingers grip.

Grab your opponent's neck with one arm, and wrap the opposite elbow behind the knee of the opponent. Lock both hands together, so that your opponent is unable to escape.

The most classic of the classic wrestling moves. Wrap your strongest arm around the head of your opponent, while you are seated on the mat and he is stretched out on his stomach. Apply pressure using your elbow-but not enough to choke him-while gripping the fingers of your off-hand around the locking arms wrist. 

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