Why Did Jeff Hardy Leave the WWE

Professional wrestler Jeff Hardy left World Wrestling Entertainment, Inc. (WWE) for health reasons. Hardy left the WWE in 2009, after extensive work with the organization. The leave followed the SummerSlam event.

Wrestling: Jeff Hardy’s role at the WWE

Jeff Hardy had a flourishing career with World Wrestling Entertainment/Federation. The American company, which specializes in professional wrestling and sports entertainment, first signed Hardy in October 1999. While he had wrestled previously, he began to gain popularity on the WWE.

Jeff Hardy performed often with his younger brother Matt in Tables, Ladders, and Chairs (TLC) matches. As a tag team, the Hardy Boyz, as they were called, used the objects to try to reach an item suspended over the ring. An example item suspended was a championship belt.

Hardy Boyz surged in popularity when they teamed with manager Leta (real name May Dumas). The group formed Team Xtreme. The Team was paired against Edge and Christian several times and the Dudley Boyz too.

Along with the tag team activities, Jeff Hardy worked as a single wrestler for WWE. He even took the World Wrestling Federation (WWF) Intercontinental in 2001, beating out Triple H. He went on to win the WWE Championship in late 2008.

Storyline verses Reality: Reasons Jeff Hardy left the WWE

In 2009, Jeff Hardy officially left World Wide Entertainment. He left the organization after the SummerSlam pay-per-view event in August of 2009. During the Los Angeles-based event, Hardy was defeated in a match of Tables, Ladders, and Chairs.

In the match, competitor CM Punk took Hardy’s current titles as the World Heavyweight Championship. It was the third time winning this belt for CM Punk. According to the WWE storyline, Hardy had to leave if he lost the match. The reason was fictional, meant to continue the storyline effectively while allowing Hardy to exit the WWE.

In reality, Hardy’s loss was pre-planned, and he left the WWE due to health and wellness issues. He had physical injuries from previous matches, which had yet to heal completely. He had two herniated discs, neck injury, and Restless legs syndrome. The schedule was too rigorous to continue.

Jeff Hardy signs with TNA

Following his leave from WWE, Hardy signed with Total Nonstop Action Wrestling (TNA). The move was just months after he left the WWE. TNA was a better fit with Hardy as there was less travel and work in the new position than he had at the WWE.

Hardy went on to become the TNA World Heavyweight Campion in October 2010. He is also a poet, songwriter, and singer. He even released first album with his band Peroxwhygen in December 2012, under TNA Music.

Jeff Hardy is a professional wrestler that left the WWE in 2009, after a ten-year career with the American company. The reasons were health-related. The television storyline was that he had lost the match at SummerSlam and had to leave the organization, as a result.

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