How Much Do WWE Superstars Get Paid?

In the world of wrestling, WWE superstars get the same attention as stars in other sports. In addition to being fighters, these men and women are also clever entertainers who know how to please their fans. How much do WWE superstars get paid? A fighter's popularity dictates the size of their paycheck.

Hunter Hearst Helmsley

Better known as Triple H, Hunter Hearst Helmsley is the highest-paid fighter in wrestling with a paycheck of about $2 million per fight. In addition, he has the use of a company jet and all of his expenses, including ground transportation and hotels, are paid by the federation.

The Undertaker

Coming in a close second in earnings is The Undertaker. At 6 feet 10 inches, The Undertaker is a force to be reckoned with and so is his paycheck of $1.8 million per fight. He too flies first class, has free ground transportation and free hotel accommodations.

Mark Henry

Active since 1996, Mark Henry is a veteran in wrestling. Although he was never a huge favorite, he's a reliable wrestler who knows how to put on a show. The world's strongest man's signature move is the world's strongest slam. For his hard work Mark Henry earns $150,000 per fight.

Beth Phoenix

In a man's world of wrestling, this lady is not to be underestimated. Standing only 5 feet 7 inches, Beth Phoenix knows how to take care of herself and will eliminate anyone who stands in her way. Blond and beautiful, Beth is the diva of WWE wrestling and earns her $235,000 per fight paycheck.

Wade Barrett

Wade Barrett is relatively new to the wrestling sport but he's proven that he's there to stay. Wade is not the best fighter in the ring, but he's charming and he knows how to wrap the crowd around his little finger. Over the course of his short wrestling career, he's turned himself into a popular celebrity and is cashing in at $250,000 per fight.

The Big Show

His name is Paul Donald Wight, Jr., but in the world of wrestling he's better known as The Big Show. He has a fitting name because Paul knows how to act like a showman and has been doing so since 1999. Inducted in the WWE hall of fame, The Big Show is a proven fighter with paycheck of $300,000 per fight that's well earned.


Sheamus is a Celtic warrior and a two-time WWE champion. He has a quick mind, even quicker feet, solid wrestling skills and a unique look. With his fierce red hair and loud personality, he's known to intimidate lesser fighters and give the crowd the fight they paid to watch. At the end of the day, he goes home with $340,000.

Daniel Bryan

Daniel Bryan is not the most impressive wrestler on the circuit, but he is one of the favorites. With his quick wit and impressive moves, some fans believe that he's the best and most talented fighter in the world. He's predicted to be a future world champion. Win or lose, Daniel Bryan takes home a cool $350,000 for every fight.

Don't be too envious when you see how much these WWE superstars get paid. For their paychecks, they get punched, beaten and thrown around with personal expenses to pay as well. Not only do they pay taxes like everyone else, they also have a staff and promotional expenses. There are also the hefty sums they pay for medical insurance because of all their injuries.

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