Bocce Ball Instructions

A few bocce ball instructions are all that a newcomer needs to start playing the game. Bocce is an exciting outdoor game with deep roots in Italian history. But the game doesn't need to be complicated.

Bocce Ball Instructions

  • Gather the necessary equipment. A bocce ball set that includes eight larger bocce balls and one smaller ball or jack will be needed.
  • Play in an open area. Regulation courts measure 12 feet wide by 76 feet long. Beginners may opt to play on a smaller court, especially if the game is played outdoors.
  • Establish the court parameters and surface. A paved surface works as well as a grass yard. Sand courts are popular, too.
  • Divide into teams. Two teams are necessary. Each team may have one, two or four players.
  • Select which team will start. This team throws the jack, which is the target once the game begins.
  • Bocce ball instructions state that you alternate turns throwing or rolling the ball. Begin with the starting team.
  • Determine which team is nearer to the jack.
  • Award that team one point for each ball that is closer to the jack than the opposition's balls.
  • Begin the second frame with the team that scored throwing the bocce ball.
  • Play until 13 points are scored.

Following these simplified bocce ball instructions. This will not only make play easier, it will also help you move from a novice level to become an enthusiastic expert of the game.

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