How to Build a Shuffleboard Court

You may want to build a shuffleboard court in your backyard If you've ever played shuffleboard while on vacation. It can be tempting to bring that fun and relaxation home with you. This is a relatively easy and cheap thing to do and can bring a lot of fun for your entire family.

The first thing you should do is determine what material you will use to build a shuffleboard court. One option is to purchase a shuffleboard court from a company that sells them. These shuffleboard courts generally either snap together or may roll out. A major benefit to these is that they come in varying sizes, meaning you can probably find one to accommodate whatever space you have. A downside is that they can be rather expensive and must be placed over a hard surface.

You may choose to build a shuffleboard court out of concrete. To do this you'll have to pour enough concrete to cover an area approximately 52 feet long by 77 inches wide, at a minimum, for a standard-sized shuffleboard court. You can always adjust the size to suit your needs, but try to keep the length and width proportionate for more accurate play when you build a shuffleboard court. Allowing a little extra room around the shuffleboard court gives freedom for movement and spectators. Once the concrete is dry, you may choose to paint it. Green is a standard color for a shuffleboard court, but you may paint it any color you wish. Next you'll paint the lines of the court onto the concrete. After the line paint has dried, apply a shuffleboard wax to the entire thing. This will allow shuffleboard discs to slide freely across the court.

If neither of these options are enticing, you may want to take the simplest route, which involves just drawing or painting a shuffleboard court onto a surface you already have, such as your driveway. This can make a temporary court, if you don't want to build a shuffleboard court. You could use something like chalk, or it can be permanent, if you paint it.

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