How to Build a Shuffleboard Table

A shuffleboard table allows you to bring the fun of shuffleboard indoors. Table shuffleboard is similar to outdoor shuffleboard, with a few variations; pucks are much smaller and lighter and the playing area is considerably smaller. Here's what you need to know to learn how to build a shuffleboard table.

You should be a pretty decent wood worker before you attempt to build a shuffleboard table. Even if you're experienced, building a shuffleboard table may take between 60 and 70 hours. Before you begin, figure out what size shuffleboard table you're going to build. Shuffleboard tables generally range between 12' and 22'. You can find easy-to-follow, detailed plans online that can take you step-by-step on the intricacies of building a shuffleboard table. Most of these cost money, but if you look around you can find some for free.

Using your plans, build the shuffleboard table frame and legs first. Then you'll move onto the table top. A shuffleboard table top is essentially a box. Some shuffleboard plans include gutters for the sides of the tables, while others incorporate rubber cushions along the side of the shuffleboard table. Walnut and pine work well as a wood for the top of your shuffleboard table. Once the table top is complete, sand it, pressure wash it and make sure it is level. Then you can paint lines onto the shuffleboard table top. A coat of finish is essential to preserve and protect your shuffleboard table, as is a coat of shuffleboard wax to help discs coast freely down the table.

Once you have built your shuffleboard table, try it out! Table shuffleboard doesn't require the use of cues. Instead, players use their hands to send shuffleboard discs to the opposite end of the shuffleboard table. If you find anything that needs to be fixed, do it before you put your tools and plans away! It's much easier to fix something immediately than it is to wait.

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