Outdoor Shuffleboard Rules

You may be familiar with shuffleboard, an outdoor game played on a hard surface. It's popular in vacation areas and retirement communities. Although traditionally it was a game played by older people, shuffleboard's relaxing nature has made it popular among younger people as well. If you want to play shuffleboard, here are some outdoor shuffleboard rules you can follow.

Shuffleboard Rules

Shuffleboard is played on a shuffleboard court that is 39 feet long. There should be two 6 foot shooting areas on either end of the court. Shuffleboard discs should be 6 inches in diameter and weigh about 15 ounces. Discs have to be different colors for each team so that you can tell them apart during play.

In general, shuffleboard discs are yellow and black. When this is the case, the person playing with the yellow discs starts the game. This player will line up his four discs in the left half of the 10-off area (the space between the scoring triangle and the baseline). The black discs should be lined up on the right side. The first player will shoot one disc, using a cue, toward the scoring triangle on the opposite end of the shuffleboard court.

Each player takes turns shooting their discs toward the opposite scoring triangle. They may try to both get their disc into a point-scoring square or they may try to knock their opponent's disc out. If a disc doesn't reach the dead line or lands on the edge of the shuffleboard court, it's removed from play.

Once all the discs have been shot, you may score the game. 10 points are deducted for shooting your disc into the 10-off area. You may only score points for discs that are completely in one box; discs may not be touching lines of other boxes. The first person to reach 75 points is declared the winner.

It is possible to lose points in shuffleboard. This may be done if your disc touches the 10-off area line before being played or if the disc touches the side of the triangle while being played. These result in a 5-point and 10-point deduction, respectively. If, while shooting, you step or reach beyond the baseline, you lose 10 points. Shooting an opponent's disc will also cost you 10 points.

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