The Rules and Regulations for Shuffleboard

The rules and regulations for shuffleboard aren't clear to everyone. To play this popular vacation game the correct way (and avoid disagreements), follow these rules.

Shuffleboard games are usually played with yellow and black discs. The person playing with the yellow discs begins the game. The rules and regulations for shuffleboard state that the person who begins the game shoots one disc from the 10-off area toward the opposite scoring triangle. If the disc doesn't pass the dead zone, this is considered illegal and the disc must be taken off the court.

If a disc does land in the scoring triangle but is knocked off the shuffleboard court by another disc, that disc is considered illegal and is taken off the shuffleboard court. If a disc bounces legally onto the scoring triangle and then bounces back into the dead zone, it is considered illegal and is removed from play. Whatever it did before bouncing back into the dead zone is legal though, according to the rules and regulations for shuffleboard.

A disc that is played upside down is considered dead. If an upside down disc displaces a legal disc, the upside disc is removed and the displaced disc is returned to its position.

Points are tallied up at the end of each game. In order for a disc to score points, it must be completely inside of a box with no part of the disc touching another box. In outdoor shuffleboard, the first person to reach 75 points wins the game.

It is possible to lose points in shuffleboard. Ten points are deducted if you shoot your own disc into the 10-off area or if an otherwise legal disc is knocked into the 10-off area. Ten points are also deducted if your disc touches the side of the triangle while being played. Crossing the baseline with any part of your body results in a ten-point deduction, as does shooting your opponent's disc. You may just appreciate the game more if you learn the rules and regulations for shuffleboard.

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