Shuffleboard Court Dimensions

Shuffleboard is a game played on a hard surface, popular among retirees and vacationing families. Shuffleboard court dimensions are unlike that of any other game, with the playing area being much longer than it is wide.

A shuffleboard court is 39' long and just 6' wide. At each end of the shuffleboard court is a triangle where players try to shoot their pucks. These triangles have boxes which determine the amount of points scored, depending on where pucks land.

There is room for playing on either end of the shuffleboard court, called the "shooting area." This is 6' long and 6' wide and allows players to stand and shoot their pucks. The line which separates the playing area from the shuffleboard court itself is known as the baseline.

In between the scoring triangle and the baseline is a one and a half-foot space known as the "10-off" area. This is the zone where both the game begins and points may be lost. A line down the middle separates the 10-off zone into two equal sections. The dimensions of the triangle extend to give the 10-off area slightly slanted edges.

The point of the triangle is nine feet from the 10-off area. The triangle itself is divided into five areas: one 10-point, 3' area toward the tip of the triangle, two 8-point, 3' areas in the middle of the triangle and two 7-point, 3' areas at the base of the triangle. 3' beyond the triangle, toward the middle of the shuffleboard court, is the dead line, where discs must cross to be counted.

If you wish to build your own shuffleboard court, you may want to alter the dimensions slightly. Some companies even sell shuffleboard courts that you can snap together or roll out. These can vary in size to suit different areas such as driveways.

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