Homemade Children's Outdoor Games

Homemade children's outdoor games can be anything you can imagine. Tossing a bean bag around your back yard, at the beach, in the park or even inside your house can be fun for everyone, no matter your age. Bag toss games are similar and most likely derived from horseshoes. Cornhole, for example was started in Germany during the 14th century and gradually found its way to rural Kentucky. How, nobody knows. It's one of the many mysteries of the hills. However, it's a great game and played throughout the country.


What You'll Need

You can spend a good amount of money going out and buying a regulation cornhole/bag toss set. They are extremely easy to find. Just look in any good department store where sporting goods are sold. But, if you're looking to save some money and are handy at arts and crafts you can put together your own set. All you'll need is two pieces of plywood, each four feet by two feet, with a hole cut out in each of them and eight bean bags. The bags are easy to assemble at home. To make them, it will require some mesh type fabric, some string and either corn feed, uncooked corn kernels or even dry seeds. Each bag should weigh approximately 12 ounces, give or take. Just remember, you'll need something with weight that can be tossed 20 feet.


How to Play

In cornhole or any other variation, it can be played either one on one or two against two. The object of cornhole/bag toss is to toss the bag into the hole. If you get the bag in the hole, it counts as three points. If a bag is lands on the wooden platform, it counts as one point. The first person or team to reach 21 wins the game. Bag toss is played "inning style" meaning a game doesn't end once someone reaches 21. It's just like baseball, the person or team with the last "up" gets a final chance. The only tricky part is the scoring. Scores from any particular inning may be canceled out. For example, if both players have all their bags on the platform, the scores cancel each other out. Another scenario, if one player puts all for of his/her bags on the platform while the second player puts one bag in the hole while missing the other three shots, the first player would be awarded one point. His or her four would offset the other player's three.

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