How to Make Washer Boards

You may be interested in learning how to make washer boards if you've discovered the fun of playing washer toss. Washer toss is a game that is popular at BBQs and involves throwing washers at one of two holes (trying to get it in) while standing by the other hole. But you can't have a game of washer toss without washer boards. Expensive to buy in the store, making your own washer boards will save you a few dollars. It's easy enough that any beginning woodworker should be able to pull it off. Don't start the project, however, if you do not know what you are doing.

Washer boards are essential to the game of washer toss, but there are several different types of washer boards that you can make. Some people choose to just build holes for the washers right into their lawn. Others make custom boxes which can be moved about and taken in for mowing or the weather. Here is one type of washer board which is fairly simple.

The easiest way to make washer boards is to find two pre-made boxes which are roughly 2 by 2 feet. Of course you can also make two boxes using 2-by-4's. You can make the perimeters of the boxes and then attach a piece of plywood on the bottom. Secure both boxes using screws and wood glue.

Next you'll need two pieces of PVC pipe. They should be around 2 to 4 inches each. Attach them to the bottom of each box using glue.

Once the boxes are constructed, place them between 20 and 25 feet apart. You'll also need big washers to toss. Make sure that the washers are reasonably smaller than the PVC piping so that they can easily go in when they're tossed.

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