How Long is a Professional Soccer Game

How long does a soccer game last? Prepare yourself for several hours of fast-paced, head-banging excitement. And remember, just because there is an assigned time for a game, the actual amount of time spent at the soccer stadium may be longer. Let's take a look at how long a soccer game lasts.

Two Halves and a Halftime
A professional match totals 90 minutes. That time is divided into two equal halves, each lasting 45 minutes. The halftime period lasts 15 minutes.

Extra Time
Occasionally during a match, an announcer will refer to "extra time". What is extra time? Any time lost during a game, including time for substitutions, injuries, or cautions, is calculated by the referee and added at the end of each half. According to the Laws of the Game, the 90 minute total playing time is meant to be just that.

Overtime differs from extra time. Overtime is an extra period or periods played after a regulation game ends in a tie. International matches at the championship level, as well as collegiate soccer teams, use overtime to determine a winner.
Professional soccer games provide an entertainment while showcasing athletic skill. Arrive early at the stadium, show good sportsmanship throughout the game, and be prepared to spend a bit of extra time. 

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