What Are the Best Cheerleading Cheers

The best cheerleading cheers are those that are easy to hear and can get the crowd excited about the event taking place. Cheers, often called chants or yells, are used to show school spirit, encourage the team and unify the cheerleading squad. Along with the words of the cheer, the squad uses cheerleading pom poms, arm movements and stomps to show their spirit.

Basic Cheerleading Cheers
Cheerleading chants can go for at least a minute, or they can be as short as a few seconds. Cheerleaders use a variety of different lengths so that they have an appropriate cheer no matter what is going on in the game. Longer chants are used for halftime shows or competitions.

A cheer that is used to display school spirit is as follows. It uses the school colors, so the colors of the school in question should replace blue and gold:

Fight, fight tonight
Fight blue, fight gold
Fight, fight tonight

Another motivating basic cheer uses the mascot of the team. Replace bears with the mascot of the school in question:

Bears, attack (clap)
A-T-T (pause) A (clap on A)-C-K
Bears, (clap) attack!

"Go, Fight, Win" is one of the best cheerleading cheers and a popular chant that uses the mascot name of the team:

Go! Fight! Win! (clap)
Tigers! Stand up and yell!
Go! Fight! Win!
Tigers! Stand up and yell!
Go! Fight! Win!
Tigers! Stand up and yell!
Go! Fight! Win!

Spelling Out Cheers
Many of the best cheerleading cheers encourage the crowd to spell words out along with the cheerleaders. These cheers are great for crowd participation. The following cheers will get the crowd pumped and can be used with letter signs or with letter formations made by the cheerleaders themselves.

We want a victory!
Help us out.
Eagles fans,
Spell it Out!
V-I-C-T-O-R-Y (cheerleaders can use letter cards held above their heads or spell out the letters with their arms)

"We are the Best"
S-H-S (clap) (substitute letters appropriate for the school)
We are the best!
(repeat several times)

Boasting Cheers
Many game cheers involve boasting about the superiority of the team. These cheers are great for increasing team pride during time outs and breaks.

"Who Rocks the House?"
Who rocks the house?
I said the Jaguars rock the house!
And when the Jaguars rock the house
We rock it all the way down!

"We Will Rock You"
We are the Panthers
Can't be beat
We will knock you off your feet
We will
We will rock you, rock you
We will
We will sock you, sock you!

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