How to Play Cricket

It's confusion to learn how to play cricket. Cricket is a popular sport in other parts of the world, particularly England. Though it resembles baseball it is different, and many people don't know how to play cricket. Here's a summary of the way the game is played.

Cricket is played on a cricket field with a pitch in the center. The pitch is where most of the action takes place. Like baseball, in cricket one team bats while the other fields. The team batting is trying to score as many outs as possible without getting out (or, in cricket terms, being "dismissed"). Each batting team has something called overs, which is a series of six balls. Once the team has used all of its overs or doesn't have any more batsmen, they switch and the fielding team bats. A coin toss at the beginning determines who will bat and who will bowl (or pitch) first.

In professional matches, there are two batsmen. One is a striker; he is the one who faces the bowler. The other is the non-striker. They take turns batting and running. The batter is trying to get the ball between two wickets 22 yards apart at the end of the pitch. The batsman wants to run the length of the pitch after hitting the ball with his bat; this is one of the main ways to score.

On the opposite side is the team that is bowling. There is one wicketkeeper, who generally maintains his position throughout the match. Otherwise the fielders interchange themselves and take turns bowling. The object of the bowling side is to dismiss the batsmen.

The length of the game depends on which type of cricket is being played. There are two types of professional cricket; Test and Limited Overs. A cricket Test match lasts 5 days, while Limited Overs cricket lasts twenty overs each side.

Cricket is governed by the International Cricket Council (ICC), which makes sure that the Laws of Cricket are followed. The Marylebone Cricket Club (MCC) also plays a role in overseeing the Laws of Cricket.

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Cricket rules may be convoluted, but understanding them is crucial to enjoying a cricket game.



Cricket history stretches back as far as the 14th century and across more than 100 countries.

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