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We know the dangers of overtraining young bodies and using steroids; that's why the International Olympic Committee tests gymnasts for performance enhancing drugs and doesn't allow anybody younger than 16 to compete. Osteoporosis and delayed menstruation are among the serious hazards that young athletes face when they push their bodies too far. So, gymnastics can kill you, or at least ruin your life, but can you use gymnastics to kill other people?

Yes, you can. At least according to Gymkata, a 1985 movie about a man who combines the finesse of gymnastics with the killing power of karate in order to fight in a Cold War battle royale. Critics have called it the worst movie of all time. 

The movie was filmed, oddly enough, in Yugoslavia, and features Kurt Thomas, the gold medal winning Olympic gymnast, in the leading role. Gymkata, you might be surprised to learn, was not the only film Thomas made. He also had a bit part in the 2003 Spanish comedy Slam.

So can you learn gymkata? We wouldn't recommend it. But watching the movie might be fun. It remains a cult classic, loved by thousands for its campy premise and its indelible mark of the 1980s.

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