Shark Diving Adventures

Shark diving adventures are for the brave. Sharks have terrified, mystified and fascinated people for centuries. If you are one of the people who lean to the "fascinated" side when thinking about sharks, you might consider diving with a shark. Shark diving tours are available world wide for those who long to come close to these incredible animals.

Shark Bookings
Shark Bookings offers shark aficionados the opportunity to go shark diving in several countries. You can go diving for tiger sharks in the Bahamas, mako or white sharks in South Africa or white sharks in Australia. In Tanzania or Mozambique, whale sharks are the focus of attention. You might see hammerheads or tiger sharks in the Bahamas. You can look for white sharks in the waters around Isla Guadalupe off of Mexico. Even if you are not a certified diver, you may be able to go shark cage diving at Isla Guadalupe. Trips vary from day excursions to fourteen days. Shark Bookings works in concert with local operators to provide a quality shark diving experience.

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Shark Diving International
You can explore the world of great white sharks when diving off the Farallon Islands or Isla Guadalupe Islands if you choose Shark Diving International. You might see a number of different types of sharks, including lemon sharks, bull sharks or blacktip sharks if you book a trip to go shark diving in the Fiji Islands. View sharks such as hammerhead sharks, nurse sharks and Caribbean Reef sharks in the Bahamas. You can visit whale sharks and hammerheads in the Galapagos or Cocos Island. Watch a sardine run in South Africa and see tiger sharks, white sharks and dusky sharks going for their meals.

For more information, please see: Shark Diving International

San Diego Shark Diving Expeditions, Inc.
In the business since 1983, San Diego Shark Diving Expeditions, Inc. might offer the right shark scuba diving experience for you. Travel to Fiji and you might be able to see eight different types of sharks, including bull sharks, nurse sharks and grey reef sharks. Choose Isla Guadalupe to see great white sharks. You can participate in shark cage diving even if you are not a certified diver here. If you are fascinated by whale sharks, you can experience them in Isla Holbox in Mexico or at the Galapagos Islands. In the Bahamas, you can watch tiger sharks and hammerheads, an experience for anyone interested in sharks.

For more information, please see: San Diego Shark Diving Expeditions, Inc.

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