Storm Chasing Tours

Consider a storm chasing tour if you fascinated by severe weather and love lightening and tornadoes. Then, you might want to look into a tour for your next vacation.

Storm Chasing Adventure Tours
Storm Chasing Adventure Tours chases extreme storms in states including Texas, Oklahoma, Kansas, North Dakota, South Dakota and Iowa. In May, your storm chasing would take place in Texas, Oklahoma and Kansas, while you would chase storms in South Dakota, North Dakota, Minnesota and Iowa in June and July. Touring vehicles are equipped with high technology equipment to help you follow storm systems.

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Tradd Storm Chasing Tours
In business since 1995, Tradd Storm Chasing Tours guarantees that you will see at least two severe storms that might produce a tornado or they will give you a $200 discount on a Tradd storm chasing tour the next year. Offering a choice of one week or two week tours, Tradd tours each have a guide who has at least twenty-five years of storm chasing experience. Tours operate in the Tornado Alley area of the Midwestern states.

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Tempest Tours
Operating in May and June, Tempest Tours chases storms in Tornado Alley. Tempest Tours track supercell thunderstorms, which often produce tornadoes. During the inevitable days when there is no storm activity, the tour stops at interesting locations along the road such as the Tornado Museum in Texas and Mt. Rushmore in South Dakota. Tours run from six days and seven nights to ten days and eleven nights.

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Windswept Chase Tours
Dean Cosgrove, owner of Windswept Chase Tours, offers private tours so that you can dictate what your priorities are before taking a tour, whether those priorities include relaxing and letting Cosgrove take over or learning more about the mysteries of storm chasing. Regular tours last for one week. If you choose a short notice tour, Cosgrove will contact you when weather conditions look good for severe storms for a one to three day run. Regardless of the type of tour that you choose, you and others in your group will be responsible for transportation, including the vehicle, so that Cosgrove can concentrate on storm chasing.

For more information, please see: Windswept Chase Tours

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