How to Get Through an Airport Quickly

Do you want to learn how to get through an airport quickly? With everything involved in traveling, including airport parking, check-in and security, getting through an airport can take hours. That is why airlines recommend getting to the airport at least two hours before a domestic flight and three for international travel. Another reason to learn how to get through an airport quickly is to get to airport facilities before your flight. Here's how to get through an airport quickly.

You will get through an airport much more quickly if you have purchased your plane ticket before you get to the airport. This can save you time, not only the time you'd spend considering your various flight options, but also the time you would spend buying your ticket.

If your airline gives you the opportunity to check-in at home or at a kiosk at the airport, you should choose that option. You'll need to know how many bags you'll be checking and have the ability to print a boarding pass and/or luggage tags.

Speaking of luggage, pack light. In fact, if you can just carry on bags, you will save yourself the time of checking bags as well as waiting for bags at baggage claim at the end of your trip. Keep in mind that you can bring one carry-on bag and that it cannot contain liquids over 3oz. To save yourself time getting through security, keep all of your liquids together in a Ziploc bag for easy examination.

Other ways to get through security quickly include having your ID out, passport if necessary, and boarding pass. Be ready to put everything you will be carrying on the plane into the plastic bin provided. Laptops must be taken out of their case and placed into one of the bins. If you will need to take off your shoes, have them off before you reach the front of the line. In fact, you may want to wear sandals or other shoes that slip on and off easily.

Once you have made it through airport security, take your belongings, including your shoes, and walk a few feet to the area provided to put on all of your personal belongings. Not only will this save you time and keep you from feeling rushed, you will also avoid holding other people up.

Following these tips should help you get through an airport quickly. Remember that no matter what happens, staying calm and as relaxed as possible will help you get through quickly and easily. It will also make traveling much more enjoyable.

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