What are The Southeast States in the U.S.

If you want to travel to the Southeast states in the U.S., you may wonder which states are considered parts of this region. This is because some states are not always included in this category, the definition of this region being somewhat fluid. The Southeastern states are usually categorized as those east of Ohio, but south of the Mason-Dixon line. Sometimes Texas is included, sometimes not. Most often, Georgia, Florida, North Carolina, South Carolina, Alabama, Virginia, Tennessee, Mississippi, Kentucky, Arkansas, Louisiana, West Virginia and Washington D.C. are considered the 12 Southeastern states (and one District).

Not all of these states have the same flavor. Washington DC is distinctly different than West Virginia or Arkansas, and Florida has a culture of its own. However, all these states have common historical roots and much warmer weather than the Northeast, Midwest and Northwestern states.

Most of Tennessee, Kentucky, and West Virginia have a similar rural, mountainous feel to the states.  Mild in weather and fully forested, these states are home to coal miners and mountain lovers, musical artists and farmers. You'll notice a definite difference in the culture when visiting these states; the people are more independent, more rugged. The views are pleasant and the drive is scenic as the mountains and forests provide beautiful backdrops for any relaxing vacation.

North Carolina, South Carolina and Georgia are similar states, all residing on the Southeast coast. Known for great Southern food and hospitality, you'll find beautiful historic homes to rent (or bed and breakfasts in which to stay), historical sites to see, and access to both the beach and the mountains. Some foods you'll want to make sure to try while traveling through these states are: fresh peaches from a roadside stand, pecan pie, pralines, salt water taffy, barbeque, and shrimp and grits.

Florida is a state of its own with its own unique character. Populated by many retirees and immigrants, it has an unusual blend of people. Chock full of beaches, tourist attractions and natural wonders, Florida offers many vacation possibilities.

Louisiana, Mississippi, Arkansas and Alabama are all deep South states with deep South charm. Enjoy a slower pace here; take the time to savor the sights, learn about the history, and get to know the people. While you're at it, have another bowl of New Orleans gumbo or another bowl of banana pudding.  You won't find anything like it anywhere else on earth.

Washington D.C. and Virginia have a distinctly more modern and progressive flavor than the other states of the Southeast. Here you'll enjoy hearing a Southeastern accent while seeing the latest in policy and attitude.

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